Video Debut: “Box Full of Rocks“ by Jason Erie

Jason Erie photographed by Kristin Indorato
Jason Erie photographed by Kristin Indorato


Thu 10 Mar 2022

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From his forthcoming album, Tiny Fires (out March 25 via Wirebird Records), we’re thrilled to present the video debut of “Box Full of Rocks“ by Jason Erie.

Erie describes the single as deeply personal, a narrative of growth, redemption, and a change in perspective about his past. “Everyone has an origin story, whether it is something we are proud of or somewhere we wish we could forget,” he relates. “I would say that I lie somewhere in the middle, hoping for redemption with the kind of pride only hurt could build. I grew up in a hard situation, but I have found as I get older it gets easier to blame circumstances instead of my parents. It’s funny how small moments can lead to such large problems — that is what “Box Full of Rocks” is about. It’s a song I wrote for me on this record, personal to my past, meant to expose a little more of myself to the world.”

Producer Brett Ryan Stewart (Wirebird Productions) created the musical backdrop upon which Erie’s lyricism comes to the fore. Of the video — shot by Anana Kaye and Irakli Gabriel of Duende Vision in East Nashville — he says, “I told them I wanted to do the whole video as a corpse being dragged in a field. Needless to say, they were able to take that idea and run with it.” Erie’s son, Hudson, plays the child in the video, with his wife, Kristin Indorato, and Rosemary Fossee sharing the role of “mom.”

Erie believes the video is perfectly paired with the song, saying, “It’s a visual representation of the hurt and resentment we as past children can harbor and the release we find when we can let it all go.”

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Stay tuned for the album Tiny Fires
Out March 25 via Wirebird Records




and find out more about Jason Erie here

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