Todd Snider Comes Alive — Past, Present & Future!

Five Points’ Purple Building and Todd Snider have a long history of great live shows, and Snider has now returned to his old stompin’ ground for his new  Sunday morning live webcast, What It Is — Live with Todd Snider.

“I’ve been hanging out there for years,” Snider says. “About a year ago, before the pandemic, we thought it be fun to get cameras and stuff so we could do shows in there.”

Todd goes live every Sunday at 11 a.m. CT at You can also access past shows at the same site.

But what’s that you say? That’s not enough live Todd for you? Well, Mssr. Snider has also recently launched his own streaming service, Todd Snider Live. The service provides access to an archive of Snider live shows pulled from both soundboard and audience recordings that stretch from 1994 all the way to today — providing ample evidence for Snider’s reputation as a man who has never made a setlist he would play twice.

”I think there’s like a hundred shows now, but eventually there will be 3,000 of them or more,” Snider says. “I’ve spent 30 years on the road and been every kind of person you can be out there. A lot of times I just walk out and stand until I can feel the waves and see where it’s going to head. I love the chaos of shows that change all the time.”

Monthly or yearly subscriptions are available, which allow unlimited streaming, and individual show downloads are also accessible for purchase. A one-week free trial is currently available, so you can start the music flowing from live shows all over the world to your East Nashville Skyline (or anywhere else you may be) today.

Visit Todd Snider Live to start your free trial.


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