The East Nashvillian – Payment & Ad Submission Deadline Policies

There have been issues with meeting payment and ad materials submission deadlines for quite some time. We are a periodical; for our workflow to properly function, which in turn allows us to honor our end of the obligation we have with all of our advertising clients, it is critical to meet the deadlines as stated in our ad agreement.

Below are new policies regarding payment and ad materials deadlines, which we intend to strictly enforce going forward.

Payment Deadlines

The payment deadline has always been and remains the 15th of even months. For example, the payment deadline for Nov/Dec was October 15 (10/15). These dates are clearly stated in the “Ad Agreement”.

Moving forward, payments not received by the deadline will automatically be charged an additional 20% based on the cost of the ad. We will not send reminders concerning deadlines after invoices are submitted, so please mark the dates on your calendar.

Ad Materials Deadlines

The ad materials deadlines are the same day as the payment deadlines stated above, with the exception of camera-ready ads, which are always due on the 20th. Moving forward, advertisers who do not submit ad changes by the 15th will be charged $55 per hour for ad design (one-hour minimum).

If ads materials are not received by the 20th of the month, the ad will be considered canceled and will not run in that issue.  Cancellation and short rate fees for an unfulfilled contract will apply and an invoice will be submitted. Also, if applicable, the most current card rate will be applied to any subsequent insertions remaining on the contract. Clients will be notified of deadlines when invoices are emailed but, moving forward, no other reminders will be forthcoming.

Clients who submit ad materials by the deadline will receive two complimentary rounds of edits (edits, not complete revamps) after the initial proof has been emailed. There will a $55 per hour design fee (one-hour minimum) after the second round of edits, so please be thorough when submitting new ad materials. I’m available prior to the deadline if you would like to discuss new ad design ideas.

Methods of Payment

We accept payments by mail, electronic checks, and debit card payments via Venmo @lisa-mccauley-6. Checks must be mailed in time to reach us by the deadline to P.O. Box 60157, Nashville, TN 37206. We are no longer available for payment pickup.

I will be sending new contracts outlining the above information, which will need to be signed/initialed/dated and emailed back to me. In the meantime, please acknowledge receipt and acceptance of this document.

Feel free to call me if you have any questions. We look forward to working with you in 2020 and beyond!

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