Southern Underground Pro at The Basement East

If you’re hunting for something different to do in East Nashville, look no further. Southern Underground Pro is producing the “I AM KING” wrestling match on Sunday, Jan. 20 at The Basement East (insert Michael Buffer “let’s get ready to rumble” voice here).

Southern Underground Pro (SUP) is an independent wrestling promotion company based in East Nashville that was founded by wrestlers Kevin Ku and Jesse Butler (Righteousjesse). The rest of the SUP team consists of Brittany Fernandez, Dylan Hales, Steven McCash on commentary, and Christopher Wilkins on bell/time duty.

Butler says, “We’re dedicated to bringing new wrestlers to the area. From the well-known, fast-rising stars of the independent wrestling scene, to some of the wrestlers that may fly under the radar. We’re determined to show that hard-hitting, independent wrestling is alive in the South.”

“The motivation behind SUP was to put on a wrestling show that we would want to see. SUP is deeply rooted in punk rock and a DIY mentality. Kevin and I came from that scene and applied those ethics to our product. Small rooms, aggressive crowds, and wrestlers, all packed in together to create one wild environment,” says Butler.

If you’re a wrestling fan, this new style of professional wrestling will be a pleasant break from the cookie-cutter mainstream approach. Even if you’re not a wrestling fan, you’re guaranteed a high-energy, entertaining production.

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