Skylar Gregg Premieres “Landfill”

Skylar Gregg releases the premiere of “Landfill“ today, the second single from her forthcoming album Roses, produced by John Estes, which drops tomorrow (June 12). Musically, “Landfill“ fits into the imagination of driving down a kudzu-lined gravel road in the summer heat just outside of Muscle Shoals listening to the AM radio in the late ’60s. Lyrically, the track is a reflection and metaphor for the internal struggles Gregg faced after her first experience with therapy. And, just as our own minds can become a landfill of sorts, Gregg also recognizes the environmental impact of landfills — the externalization of our inner toxic waste, as it were. Says Gregg:

“Being a person who cares about the environment, like most of us, a landfill has always been a source of anxiety and a reminder of how your past never disappears. I started writing this song about that concept and finished it after I started going to therapy. I realized that metaphorically, I had become a landfill inside my own head. Years of trash, negativity, and emotions piled up to unpack and face. A place in my mind where a beautiful field of green grass had grown over all of the garbage. I’ve been dealing with them one by one and know that I’m better off for it. I am equally an advocate for recycling and reducing your carbon footprint as I am a proponent for therapy and living a truly happy life. Let’s just try and keep the toxic waste to a minimum all around.“

Words to live by these days, no doubt!

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