Editor’s Letter

We put the finishing touches on this issue over the 4th of July weekend, so I guess it makes sense for me to be in a celebratory mood. And why not? We have plenty to celebrate if were willing to look below the surface of the headlines.

     Given the rapid growth throughout Nashville in recent years, the pushback against development is easy to understand. Granted, Nashville has grown ever since John Donelson and James Robertson founded Fort Nashborough on a bluff overlooking the Cumberland River 234 years ago. But slow and steady growth gives everyone time to acclimatize, as opposed to the feeling of being overwhelmed by forces far beyond anyones control, which seems to be the current sentiment.
     Anyway, back to the celebration. One result of all the new development  both commercial and residential  has been to bring people together. Attendance is up at neighborhood meetings; the recent news about RCA Studio A unitied musicians, recording professionals, and concerned citizens in the common cause of preserving one of Nashvilles landmarks; and Metro Council members have, in large part, begun to realize that the development community, although essential, requires proper oversight if we are to preserve the  very things that make Nashville a worthwhile investment to begin with.
     One could easily argue that our problems are good ones to have. Dont misinterpret that to mean we should all just chill out and accept the inevitable. But as we move forward well all be better off moving forward together, by suiting up and showing up and insisting that our voices are heard. As a wise man once said, If you dont vote, dont bitch.
     This issue is full of stories about people suiting up and showing up for their own lives and for the community they love and call home. Timothy Davis excellent piece After the Goldrush contrasts the soundbite praise of the media with the actual reality on the ground, so to speak. Randy Fox once again steps up to the plate with his story about Dr. Robert Cogswell, a self-described professional Tennessean. The story about East Nashville homesteaders by Melissa Corbin was definitely news to me, and good news at that.
     East Side Buzz includes a fantastic guest article by Eastwood Neighbors president Brett Withers regarding all of the zoning overlay  changes in our area, as well as those currently on the schedule at Metro Council.
     Cover to cover, the years Tomato Art Fest issue celebrates our community and the people who make it a great place to live.
     Happy reading!
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