Overlay My ’Hood, Please

A new conservation zoning overlay for a large portion of North Inglewood is moving quickly toward final approval. Encompassing the Inglewood Place and Jackson Park neighborhoods from Kirkland Avenue to Winding Way along Gallatin Pike, the overlay will require all tear downs, new builds, and additions to go through a review process and meet specific guidelines in order to match the historic character of the neighborhoods, according to District 7 Council Member Anthony Davis.
“We don’t have duplex zoning in North Inglewood,” Davis says, “so we’re not seeing as much redevelopment as other parts of East Nashville, but there have been some tear-downs and new construction that have caused concerns. We want to make sure we hold on to the historic stock and character that we have.”
     The overlay was first proposed over a year ago, but staffing issues at the Metro Historic Zoning Commission caused a moratorium on processing new proposals. Davis worked with the council to add an additional staff member to the commission to allow the Inglewood Park-Jackson Park and other proposed overlays to move forward.
     “The overlay is moving through the process now, and it should be in place by the end of February,” Davis says. “We’ve held two public meetings, and it received 100 percent support from the neighborhood residents that attended. People were complacent about it for a long time — thinking that the redevelopment wouldn’t reach into that area. We’re all looking forward to having it in place so residents can feel comfortable about the future of the neighborhood.”
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