Overlay Me

BRETT WITHERS, PRESIDENT OF THE Eastwood Neighbors Neighborhood Association, tells us that the expansion of the Eastwood Neighborhood Conservation Overlay passed all three public hearings in March and April, and that the legislation, signed by Mayor Dean on April 16, became effective on April 18. The expansion, he says, more than doubled the size of the district to cover about two-thirds of Eastwood from Gallatin to Porter and from Eastland up to Douglas/the CSX railroad tracks. The new boundaries also include one block on the east side of Porter where Cafe Fundamental is located. At press time, Lockeland Springs has an expansion of their Overlay up for public hearing before the Metro Council. This expansion would cover the area from Ordway up to Eastland and from Rudolph to North 18th S. If approved on May 6, this expansion could take effect by Memorial Day. Withers said a few other proposals are looming, including a possible county-wide ban on umbilicals and tall/skinny houses and a new category of Overlays.

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