Nashville Five:

The first time we heard Andrew Combs’ “Too Stoned To Cry,” we had to see if it was a cover of some hidden Townes Van Zandt B-Side that never made it to vinyl. But then we realized that this could truly only be a track written in the here and now, by someone with a keen hand at describing the universal remedies to heal lost love with a sharp modern tongue. This has been the inherent charm of the southern-folk singer’s catalogue; his songs fit the structure of traditional country tunes, with an au courant lyrical approach. Combs first came onto the scene in his early twenties, making the pilgrimage from Texas to Nashville, as so many of his idols — including Guy Clark and Van Zandt — had done before. Combs has since made his home here, and will release his second LP, All These Dreams, March 3rd, which features a little help from local instrumental duo Steelism. To herald the occasion, we had Combs offer us five of his Nashville Favorites — though the real secret is that he’s one of ours, too.


This is by far my favorite bar and haunt. It’s also walking distance to my house, which is nice. Their motto is “no DJ’s, no bands, no karaoke, no trivia nights” — so basically just a bar, which is just what I like about it. Prices are good, there are darts, and it never quite gets too crowded. A place to have a conversation and drink a beer. . . whoddathunkit!?


The best breakfast sandwich, in my opinion, comes from Bagel Face Bakery. They are made on the spot, so it takes a minute, but it’s well worth the wait. Hungover mornings are always cured with a Porter Road sausage, egg and cheese on an everything bagel. When I’m feeling frisky I go for the Leo: lox, eggs, and sautéed onions.


About once a month I make the trek to far west Nashville to spend a few hours here exploring the huge selection of used books, records, and movies. I always come away with some gems, without spending more than 15 bucks or so.


I know it sounds funny, but I love this place. It sure beats the hell out of the Eastland Kroger and Piggy Wiggly. I spend many late nights or early mornings perusing the aisles of this beloved grocery store. I can see the entrance from my front porch, so it’s an easy walk over to grab the necessities. My lady and I love the huge selection of different seltzer water and they always have LOAVES of Hawaiian bread (not just the rolls).


On the western fringe of the more popular Percy Warner Park, this little oasis is almost never populated by more than a handful of people. It has a sprawling meadow, picnic tables, and the Little Harpeth river running right through it. When I can’t find the time to get out of town to go fishing, I come here to get a line wet and catch some red eye bass. I might even bring a little cold adult beverage to enjoy afterwards in the shade.

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