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Since founding Lockeland Springsteen over two years ago, we've been focused on two things: tracing the captivating scent of the music that emerges from every corner of our beloved city, and making sure we constantly uncover the secrets — from hidden taco trucks to unknown records — that our favorite artists seem to have an uncanny eye for. Thus was born the Nashville Five, our quintessential section where we quiz the musical community on their local favorites (or just sometimes just their dad's "orgasmic chicken" recipe, like Jonas Stein of Turbo Fruits offered up. Find that gem on the blog).

For this special partnership with The East Nashvillian, we tapped the East Side-dwelling fiddler Kellen Wenrich of Apache Relay, who we first caught two years ago at Exit/In on a shivery night just past Valentine’s Day. There was an electrifying spirit in the music of the six-piece group; a chilling tightness coupled with a sound both sensible and unique that shook us to the core.

We’ve since chronicled their winding road to success, as they gained slots at nationwide festivals, opened for Mumford & Sons and received resounding critical acclaim to 2014’s self-titled release. “Turn your back on Tennessee,” Michael Ford, Jr. sings on “Good As Gold.” Nevertheless, at the end of each period of wanderlust, after every nationwide tour, the group finds themselves heading back across the Cumberland River, resuming their constantly evolving love affair with our city. — Lockeland Springsteen

Kellen Wenrich of The Apache Relay

Whether I’m back in town for a few hours, a day, a week, or a month, this is the list of the first 5 things I try to do whenever I make it back home.

Thai Phooket
I only have three phone numbers listed as favorites in my phone, and Thai Phooket is one of them. Fear not the unassuming double-wide in the shadows of LP Stadium, for within is one of my favorite restaurants in all of Nashville. I would say my top dish if I could pick one, but among the bunch are drunken noodles, tom yum hot pot, and spicy mango stir fry (all with tofu).

Wild Cow
I’ve ordered out from Wild Cow so much that they generally guess my name over the phone. An amazing place to grab a bite whether you’re vegetarian or not. My top picks include buffalo beans and greens with tempeh, philly cheese steak, and their ceasar salad. My only complaint with the place is that their Cuban sandwich hasn’t made it from their specials to regular menu yet (it’s so good!).

Percy Priest Lake
Need not apply in winter, but whenever I’m gone from Nashville in the summer it doesn’t take long to get the itch to get out on the water. A general day on the lake for me consists of wake surfing, floating, and having a beer with buddies early on a weekend morning. Take an afternoon nap when you get back to land and then get on with your night.

Edgefield Bar and Grill
If the bars are still open whenever we roll back to town, there’s a really good chance you’ll find me at Edgefield (and many other nights as well). I hop on the 20 bus from my place in Inglewood and spend my nights drinking cheap beer while shooting pool or tossing darts. DJs spin vinyl on Thursdays. Kindest bartenders in the Volunteer State.

Robinson Flea Market
If you like the monthly fairgrounds flea market, Old Made Good, or any of the other countless vintage stores in Nashville, you’ll love Robinson Flea. Just past East Nashville in Madison, what once was a grocery is currently my favorite place to find the rare, the old, and the bizarre. Whether it’s a zepplin-shaped cocktail shaker, a politically-incorrect pamphlet on how to carve Native American figurines with a chain saw, or a one-of-a-kind hand made model sailboat made out of high life cans, Robinson Flea Market has it all.

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