Nashville Favorites Goodbye June Will Rock the Cowan, With Red Sun Rising and Dirty Honey

Photo: Joey Diaz

One of the ironies of rock ‘n’ roll success is local bands building a hometown following and then seeing their hometown fans less and less. Nashville hard rockers Goodbye June’s front man Landon Milbourn understands that turn of a career well.

“I think our last show in Nashville was in October at the Mercy Lounge,” Milbourn says. “We only play Nashville once or twice a year now, but we always have a great turnout and it keeps growing. Nashville is a great place for a young band to cut its teeth, but once you start becoming known nationally and internationally, you have to slow it down — but it’s a good thing.”

Goodbye June has certainly enjoyed a good thing over the last three years. Since the release of their third record (Secrets in the Sunset) last fall the Nashville-based trio has brought their brand of classic-modern rock to eager audiences across the US and Europe. Since March, they’ve been on the road with Ohio rockers, Red Sun Rising and will return to the Music City this Saturday for a show at the Cowan.

“We’ve been hitting the Southeast and into to Texas some, having a good time,” Milbourn says.

“I think the climate for the type of rock’n’roll we’re doing is consistently growing. We’re seeing a lot of momentum and had a lot of great tours. Last fall we got to do Europe with Greta Van Fleet and this June we’re going back to Europe with Z.Z. Top. We love the fans and we love being on the road, but it will be nice to play for hometown crowd.”

Although Goodbye June’s sound is rooted in the classic hard rock of the 1970’s, giving that sound a new twist is just a matter of staying true to yourself Milbourn says.

“You have to bring some of yourself in into the music and not just keep writing the same songs over and over. That’s how you keep it fresh and people respond to that. We’re seeing young, teenage kids all the way up guys who were around for the first era of classic rock. It’s a great mix. There have been so many good bands over the last few years that never really got the chance to break through, but now it seems [that classic sound] is picking up stream. It’s exciting to watch.”

With a new LP scheduled for an August release, Goodbye June plans to keep the rock rollin’.

We’re giving away a pair of tickets to the show!

Goodbye June, Red Sun Rising, and Dirty Honey will appear this Saturday, April 6, at the Cowan, 500 Cowan St. Doors open at 7 p.m. with tickets available through TicketWeb.


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