MoD March|April ’15

THE GROUND FLOOR of Christian Paro’s development at 626 Main Street will be the new home of The Family Wash. Freshly laundered and purpose built for Jamie Rubin and company, the space will accommodate a larger crowd as well as a bigger stage. For its second act, The Wash will be a new venture that also includes Mitchell Fox, Executive Chef John Stephenson (formerly of Fido), and Garage Coffee’s Robert Camardo. They will be rolling out more information about the new digs throughout the lead up to a hoped-for late spring/early summer grand opening.
It appears Fat Bottom Brewery will be exiting the neighborhood. Owner Ben Bredeson wants to expand his operation and cites the prohibitive cost of building in East Nashville as the primary reason for relocating outside of the area. Another neighborhood favorite, Nicholson’s Cleaners, was recently sold locally to the firm that operates Harpeth Cleaners, among other dry cleaning services both in Nashville and Atlanta. As the new owner, Ken Roth will maintain the services offered currently at Nicholson’s while adding additional ones.
Owners Brenda and Dan Cook of the event space Rudy near Hillsboro Village recently purchased Riverside Church of Christ at 1530 Riverside Dr. Their plan for the building is an “upscale boutique event space” that will be christened Haesel Hall.
A new entertainment complex is being proposed on the east bank of the Cumberland. TopGolf, based in Dallas, Texas, wishes to have 22 acres at the northwest corner of Cowan and Spring streets rezoned to accommodate it’s unique brand of a golf and entertainment complex. Part driving range, part sports bar and part restaurant, TopGolf patrons hit golf balls at targets on a range similar to a dartboard. They currently have 13 locations in the U.S. and three near London. Each locations hire an average of 450 employees.
Nearby, on the west side of Cowan Street and north of Cowan Court a 60-acre development — tentatively called The North End — is in the planning stages. The development would include 2,000 residential units and more than 1.5 million square feet of offices.
Local Honey salon is opening their second location in Nashville at 519 Gallatin Ave., near Barista Parlor. Around the corner in the same building are two new boutiques: Sisters of Nature and Moto Moda.
Next to Marche, in the former Nuvo Burrito spot at 1000 Main Street, will be a new bar called Duke’s.
Hound Dog Commons, described as a community space with a dog park, café, bar and live music, has plans to join the Highland Heights neighborhood at 1301 Meridian St. The parcel next to 5 & Main, between Yeaman Place at N 6 St., is slated for development. St. Clair Holdings out of Atlanta has plans for a 268-unit apartment complex, which will be called the Stacks on Main. The developer is responsible for the first LEED Gold certification of a commercial building in the Southeast, and, although they won’t be attempting LEED status with this project, their plan is to apply the environmentally sound construction techniques they learned during that LEED certification process to this project. Managing Principle Colin Cavill describes the approach as “practical green.” He hopes the development can provide a “well priced opportunity as compared with some of the other high-profile alternatives [in the area].” Cavill also says they will “activate the streetscape” along Main Street by locating amenity and retail spaces on the ground floor. Other notable features include a rooftop terrace, saltwater pool, paperless office space, and a dog spa. They hope to have local entrepreneurs involved with the retail and amenity spaces, and will have a concierge (think Julie McCoy on “The Love Boat”). The construction timeline calls for estimated completion by spring 2016.

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