Life’s a Parking Lot

THE LARGE SWATH OF ASPHALT BEHIND Rosepper is about to get an overhaul. The lot belongs to the Fannie Battle Day Home, and it soon become a pay lot.
     Melanie Shinbaum, Development Director for Fannie Battle, told us, “We’ve had specifically good conversations with … Josiah at Rosepepper (and are now working on some events they want to host in exchange for hopefully some spots for his late-night employees leaving shifts). In addition, Jared at Ugly Mugs has been very positive as well. “The parking vendor contract has been signed and there is now an approximate 3 week roll-out plan in place. The lot will begin to be repaired, lined, etc., and concrete poured for the signs and machine, etc.”
     Start saving your quarters, and remember it’s for a worthy cause.

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