LadyCouch shares some musical love with their debut single “Foolish and Blue”

Keshia Bailey and Allen Thompson, aka LadyCouch, are well aware of the moment we’re in. “It’s a weird time to be artful,“ says Thompson when asked about the decision to release a single in the midst of, well, everything changing, but, “Music brings us hope.“ So, on the heels of their live stream on Acme Radio Live last night comes today’s release of their debut single, “Foolish and Blue.“ Born of a friendship that began through informal neighborhood gatherings at Thompson’s home, LadyCouch quickly evolved from a casual songwriting project into a band. “’Foolish and Blue’ was the first thing we wrote together,“ says Bailey. Recording took place last year at Thunder Sound studio in Franklin, Kentucky with what Thompson describes as his “A-Team.“ The resulting track has a tight & deep, but loping groove and arrangement reminiscent of Delaney & Bonnie. It’s a stellar foundation, but it’s the interplay between Bailey’s and Thompson’s vocals that bring the song home. But enough of my rambling. Listen to some music and find some hope.

“Foolish and Blue“ by LadyCouch is out now on Cafe Rooster Records.


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