Kashena Sampson

Instruments: Guitar and vocals. Hometown: Born in South Korea, then lived in Hong Kong until I was 9. Moved to Connecticut and then on to Las Vegas. Vegas was where the culture shock took place! In Nashville: 3 years First musical experience: Singing three-part harmony a capella with my sisters. First performance Playing Your own Material: I was trying to figure out how to travel and sing, and this guy [the talent agent of a cruise line] calls and asks if I’d be interested in playing on a cruise ship. He’d seen a YouTube video of mine, and I got the job without even auditioning! I had one finished song when I boarded, but that was when I really started focusing on writing. I would perform cover tunes, but started sneaking in a song I’d written, and the response was really positive. That was the experience that really got things going. How did you arrive at the arrangements for the songs on Wild Heart? The structure was already there when I went into the studio. What was the approach to acheiving the sound you were looking for on the record? I kinda let go. I just really trusted John (Estes, producer). I sent him songs with references to the sounds I liked — Dusty Springfield, Joan Baez, Bobby Gentry. In the studio, he’d give the band some guidance about what he wanted, and we’d usually get something in the first couple of takes.

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