Edge of AmericanaFest Highlights East Nashville Venues And Businesses

Sept. 12-17 will mark the 18th annual AmericanaFest, a music festival and industry conference celebrating folk, country, blues, and roots rock. The event will be held all over the city, with local venues playing host to concerts, industry panels, and award shows. And naturally, East Nashville will be heavily featured during Edge of AmericanaFest’s second installment.
      Shows will be held at The 5 Spot, The Basement East, The Cobra, The East Room, and The Family Wash. Special events are taking place at American Legion, Fond Object Records, Little Harpeth Brewing, and The Groove. In addition, Delgado Guitars, Divine Art Café, Duke’s, Fanny’s House of Music, Goodbuy Girls, High Garden Tea, Kitty, Lucaya, Mister Hats, Pony Show, Rumour’s East, Quantify Fitness, Val Knust, LMT, and Wags and Whiskers are among the participating businesses.
      “East Nashville has a heart and soul that is full of creativity, passion, and authenticity, all of which can be used to describe the Americana community as well,” says Anna Lee Crenshaw, the manager of marketing and member relations for the Americana Music Association, which organizes the event. “We knew that the people coming to Nashville to attend AmericanaFest would love East Nashville, but we didn’t want to just insert ourselves without staying true to the neighborhood. . . . We wanted to work with those who really represent the spirit of the community.”
      The Americana Music Association has decided to focus so much of its festival in East Nashville because it sees the area as one that shares the ideals it wants attendees to experience. “We are aiming to bring like-minded people into [the East Nashville] community who will discover all that the neighborhood has to offer,” Crenshaw says. “Broadway, The Gulch, and 12 South, those areas receive love and publicity all the time, but it’s East Nashville that really connects with the artists, musicians, industry, and fans of Americana. We want them to discover, enjoy, and shop local because there’s so much that East Nashville has to offer.
      Of course, bringing the festival to East Nashville won’t just be fun for out-of-towners. It gives local residents the chance to enjoy a unique, artist-driven music celebration as attendees themselves. “We hope that our attendees leave AmericanaFest not only having discovered great music, but also great food, great art, great people, and a great town,” Crenshaw says. “A lot of that will come from their experiences in East Nashville, whether it’s through an official event or not.”

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