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Trigger Control

Steve Gorman isn’t the kind of guy you’d expect to struggle with artistic insecurity. Widely known as the drummer of the wildly successful (and now defunct) rock band The Black Crowes, Gorman has toured the world, played with icons like Warren Zevon and Bob Dylan and found success in myriad side projects, musical and otherwise.

Buddy & Julie Miller

Buddy and Julie Miller, or Julie and Buddy Miller, depending on who’s running point, instinctively knew to come here in 1993, after a lifetime of chasing the spirit animals.

No Other Girl

Six years ago, Jack White performed at the 55th Annual Grammy Awards in Los Angeles with “The Peacocks,” his all-female backing band. Two thousand miles away, legendary Sun Records alumni, producer, and songwriter “Cowboy” Jack Clement was watching in Nashville, but he wasn’t interested in one of Nashville’s biggest rock stars. He was tuning in to to see White’s fiddle player, Lillie Mae.

Stages & Phases

In the autumn of 2018, Jessy Wilson was searching for her voice as a solo artist. A meeting with Black Keys drummer, songwriter, and record producer, Patrick Carney convinced her he should produce her solo debut.

Shining Like Diamonds

The last time I saw Guy Clark it was three nights before he passed away,” says Steve Earle, recalling his close friend and songwriting mentor.

Oh Boy Records: John Prine’s Family Affair

Random generosity occasionally falls from the sky. Explain Hank or Dylan. Explain John Prine. These artists, and many others, of course, bring words to the ground for everyone — often providing gifts in the form of ideas ahead of their time. Prine’s presence in the world particularly burnishes some of its rougher edges.

Community & Karma

Five years in, Aaron Lee Tasjan still finds his heart’s desire in his own backyard

The World According to Margo Price

Around this time in 2015, life looked a lot different for Margo Price. She’d yet to sign to Third Man Records, and her debut solo album, Midwest Farmer’s Daughter, wouldn’t come out for close to a year.

Fueled for Interstellar Overdrive

More than 100 screen-printed posters cover the floor of Moon Taxi’s dressing room. They stretch from wall to wall like plants in a greenhouse, with long lines of bare floor running between each row.

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