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Andrew Leahey Creates Music Out of The Noise

One morning in November 2013, Andrew Leahey drove with his wife to Vanderbilt hospital. He was scheduled to undergo a craniotomy to remove an acoustic neuroma tangled in the nerves behind his right ear, culminating months of excruciating headaches, strange tones no one else could hear, overwhelming fatigue, loss of balance, and one disastrous medical misdiagnosis.

Todd Snider’s ‘gospel’: ‘First Agnostic Church of Hope and Wonder’

Drop the needle on Todd Snider’s new album, First Agnostic Church of Hope and Wonder, and over an unexpected funky backbeat the words, “Put your foot on the rock and push it till the good times roll,” is the first thing you’ll hear. It’s hard to think of a more appropriate statement of purpose after a year of freefall through an ocean of sorrow and absurdity where it often felt our country and civilization were going down for the third time.

Robben Ford Has Found The Way

Stop by Robben Ford’s East Nashville home for a visit and he may treat you to some strongly brewed coffee, point out the view from his living room window where songbirds frequent the feeders on his deck or discuss the finer points of the 1964 Gibson SG guitar conveniently resting near the sofa.

Artists and Producers, Louis York Are American Bold

For Louis York’s new project, American Griots, principals Claude Kelly and Chuck Harmony wanted to make more than just an album. They set out to create a collection of songs that encompasses the full spectrum of their artistry, both as individual songwriters and as a duo.

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