Briston Maroney: Appreciating the “Gift”

“Miracle Singles” is the title for Nashville rocker Briston Maroney’s newest releases on Canvasback Music, beginning with the lo-fi, driving rocker “Steve’s First Bruise” and continuing with “Chattanooga,” due for release on this Friday, Oct. 25. But ask Maroney for the story behind the name, and he’s self-effacing to say the least.

“I don’t know as much about it as I should probably should,” Maroney says with a laugh. “They wanted to release the singles old school, to lead up to my first album, and give the series a name, so asked me for one. I was being a little saucy that day and said, ‘It’s a damn miracle these things even happened so let’s call them miracle singles.’”

Maroney’s invocation of the miraculous is understandable in relation to his career over the past year. After arriving in Nashville just four years ago to attend classes at David Lipscomb, he chose the time-honored tradition of dropping out of college for rock ‘n’ roll and struggled through low-paying gigs, house party shows, and the DIY scene. It all led to a temporary retreat to his mother’s house in Florida for a short sabbatical and an eventual return to Nashville a year ago. This time however, everything was different.

“I didn’t have a job and had nothing going on,” he says. “I was super ambitious and hopeful, but I never thought I’d be touring this much and recording.”

The change came when his music caught the attention of Canvasback Music and he was signed to the label in the fall of 2018. Two EPs, Carnival and Indiana, quickly followed along with tours and his “Miracle Singles” but Maroney hasn’t allowed the sudden turnaround in his fortunes to diminish his appreciation for the good luck that has flowed his way.

“I’m so thankful for the guys I play with in my band,” Maroney says. “We all come from the same background of doing this because we love it, so when we show up to play and see other bands treating a show like it’s not a gift, that bothers us. This has been a year of trying to find ways not to lose touch with who we are.”

Check out Maroney’s new single, “Chattanooga” at on Friday, Oct. 25.

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