Brett Ryan Stewart releases “Let Her Know” for Mother’s Day

With “Let Her Know“ — an anthemic Celtic folk-pop jig complete with an explosion of bagpipes and Irish fiddle (performed by The Waterboys’ Steve Wickham), Brett Ryan Stewart displays an understanding of the complexity of Mother’s Day in a diverse world.

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It’s a holiday that can be filled with joy for so many can also be a painful experience for those without their mothers, particularly in such isolating times. With his chorus lyric, “If she’s still with us, hug your mother. Let her know that you’ll always love her,“ Stewart reminds the listener that those of us with mothers to love are called to let them know.

The portion of the song that breaks the mold is Stewart’s inclusion of those without mothers. As unique as the genre for the holiday is, the inclusion of motherless people in a Mother’s Day song. Stewart sings, “If you find yourself all alone in this world, you can lean on me,” capturing the reality of so many who grieve a Hallmark holiday each year.  Stewart shines a light on an opportunity to love all of those around us, especially on days that highlight people who may be missing from our lives.

“Let Her Know” was written and produced by Brett Ryan Stewart and Greg Bieck (Hall & Oates).

“Let Her Know“ is available to purchase here.

To find out more about Brett  Ryan Stewart, visit his website or find him on Facebook and Instagram.

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