Leslie LaChance

Painting in Real Spaces – Why Kim Radford Loves Making Murals

Most East Nashville denizens have laid eyes on a mural by Kim Radford, whether or not they knew it was she who painted them. Indeed, casual passersby have been treated to Radford’s colorful palette in her series of super-size musician portraits on the walls at Grimey’s and The Basement East for some time now.

Lockeland Springs Park Gets an Expansion

Once there was a fairy forest at the end of Woodland Street in East Nashville’s Lockeland Springs neighborhood. Tall old trees caught the breezes as they swayed over fantastic fairy houses that captivated children’s imaginations.

The Invisible Women

“I was sitting at my desk at my stained glass business, and it just came to me,” he says about the concept for Invisible, the independent documentary about gay women in the Nashville music scene. The film’s first theatrical screening sold out The Belcourt Theatre in February for a one-night fundraiser.

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