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The East Nashvillian, Issue 11.2, March/April 2021

Know Your Neighbor

Know your Neighbor

Brett Withers

Serving on Nashville’s Metropolitan Council has never been an easy job, but try doing it during a pandemic. Or how about during a pandemic that … more

John Latham, photographed by Chuck Allen
Know your Neighbor

Jon Latham

“No offense to people who sometimes forget things, but forgetting your mask a year into a pandemic? I don’t think there’s a reasonable excuse for … more

Know your Neighbor

Dana Greaves

“I felt like if I didn’t complete this mask as fast as possible that means somebody’s life could be in jeopardy.”—Dana Greaves Ten months ago, … more

Artist in Profile

Artist in Profile

Jeremy Harris

Like so many people in our community, when the pandemic first hit, my livelihood as a working artist vanished overnight. The best year of my … more

Artist in Profile, Joe Nolan
Artist in Profile

Joe Nolan

Joe Nolan is a renaissance man — musician, songwriter, painter, photographer, journalist — and a hell of a nice guy, too. … more

Astute Observations

  • Where to begin, friends? If your experience in the last year has been anything like mine, you have felt flabbergasted, gob-smacked, exhausted, angry, sad, disgusted, disheartened, hungover, shocked, relieved, and cautiously hopeful, sometimes all in ... more

Editor’s Letter

East of Normal

  • Jack was a little bunny. He had a white fluffy tail, soft, colorful fur, and long fuzzy ears. He liked carrots and lettuce. He wrinkled his nose, hid in tall grass, and skipped across lawns ... more