Tomato Art Fest 2022 Event Guide

Plan your Tomato Art Fest weekend celebration with our snazzy event guide!
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Red Bull to “Unlock” Five Points with an Evening of Music & Mixology

The bulls will be running in Five Points on Sunday, August 21, but don’t worry, no need to practice your sprinting or scramble for cover, since it’s Red Bull that will taking over a portion of the Eastside for a night of music and mixology.
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Tomato Arts Festival 2022 Issue

Citizens, Kind

When Bret and Meg MacFadyen purchased the building and property at 1108 Woodland St. in May 2000, Five Points was hardly a bustling center of economic opportunity.
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Painting the East Side Red

This time of year, as the Tennessee homegrown tomato emits her siren song, drawing locals to her like a June bug to a back porch light, planning for East Nashville’s 2012 Tomato Art Fest is in high gear.
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Know Your Neighbor – Jack Davis

Jack Davis arrived in Nashville 14 years ago with a job wrangling large-scale live events for Vanderbilt University, and a keen interest in the community. The combination of the two planted a seed.
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Artist in Profile

Painting in Real Spaces – Why Kim Radford Loves Making Murals

Most East Nashville denizens have laid eyes on a mural by Kim Radford, whether or not they knew it was she who painted them. Indeed, casual passersby have been treated to Radford’s colorful palette in her series of super-size musician portraits on the walls at Grimey’s and The Basement East for some time now.
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Know Your Neighbor

Patrick Clifford

Ask Patrick Clifford, “The Pope of Five Points,” what his favorite hangs are and get ready for a long list. “I love music, and I live in The Basement East,” he says.
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Allie Schmidt

Just because a doctor tells you something [about your prospects in life] it doesn’t mean that it’s true."
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Jackie Paul Sims

“I don’t want to put people through the wringer to get assistance. The population we serve is dealing with enough. …

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