East Nashville Chicken Chase in photos

  Saturday’s East Nashville Chicken Chase and Hot Hen Hoedown brought droves of folks out for a day-long celebration of the noble fowl -- we caught live music, shopped, snacked, drank, bounced in a bouncy house, played chicken poo bingo and cheered on competing chickens. (Congrats, Plymouth Rock N Roller, on your win.) Some of us also wore many, many... Read More

East Nashville News: comedy, cocktails, new NOLA-style shop and more

  Been a busy week around here — we just closed the new issue (news on street date soon), and we have some great stories to share, spanning from education to social good to music to trees.    And then also, Iron Man went to Marche in a jaunty chapeau, so there’s that.    Anyhow, without further ado, our latest snippets of East... Read More

East Nashville's welcoming, homey Welcome Home takes us inside

  As shop names go, you don’t get much lovier-slash-cozier than “Welcome Home,” which makes it a pretty fitting moniker for Jessica Reguli and Roderick Trestrail’s East Side home goods, decor and accessories shop. To wit: Native Nashvillian Reguli left town for college and ambled around some afterward, but not only was she drawn back to the warmth of home... Read More

East Nashville News: Film Festival, Otaku South at POP, Holland House and more

  If you’ve so much as tripped onto the Internet over the past day or two, guesses are you’ve seen the story proclaiming our neighborhood’s indie music scene as the finest in the land. So we won’t talk about it. Do wish national publications would take a broader look at us, though, maybe note the fact that we also have the very handsomest dogs in all of... Read More

Sip Cafe and Mike's Ice Cream moving to new location

  Some news for folks who love grabbing a latte and some Mike’s Ice Cream in Riverside Village’s cozy Sip Cafe: It’s about to get a little less cozy.   The Cafe and the Mike’s ice cream-making operation are moving around the way, to a larger space at the corner of Gallatin Road and Ardee, owner Mike Duguay tells... Read More

East Nashville News: openings, closing, bestselling author(?) Todd Snider and more

  This week, we’re hard at work dotting eyes and crossing tees to finish up the May-June issue of The East Nashvillian, on stands soon. But here's a quick pressing of pause, to share a few happenings around the neighborhood.   On to it:   Todd Sniders ‘Mostly Tall Tales’ hits stores   From East Nashvillian contributor... Read More

East Side Smiles' Dr. Thomas Hadley picks his East Nashville food favorites

  We figure that if you dedicate your life to studying the things that go on inside the human mouth, you might have a particularly good understanding of quality food and drink.   But when we reached out to Dr. Thomas Hadley — the family dentist who leads East Side Smiles, the 2012 president of the Historic East Nashville Merchants Association and the guy... Read More

East Nashville News: Celebrating Record Store Day and more

  This week, we're starting off with some East Nashville opportunities to celebrate music obsessives' favorite holiday, Record Store Day, following with some gardening/farmers market tips, neighborhood development news, chances to catch music, get in a movie and more.   On to it:   Record Store Day and Swap Day in East... Read More

Smokers Abbey makes a home for cigar lovers in East Nashville

  East Nashville shop Smokers Abbey took a name that evokes a spiritual home or hub -- and that makes a lot of sense, when you consider the origins of co-owners Joshua Stump and Chris Hayzlett’s love of fine tobacco.   “(Chris and I) both got into cigars as a biblically legal way to cope with the stress of ministry,” Stump says.   When... Read More

East Nashville News: POP pops up, Yum! East grows and more

  Lots of food and events news this week, which makes sense, since people in this neighborhood sure seem to like eating food and doing stuff. Wild times. Elsewhere, ways to improve the community on several fronts.   On to it:   Otaku South founders to launch POP   Big neighborhood talk this week was surely about POP, the new eats/event hub... Read More

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