Benjamin A. Harper Releases Solo Album Get Thee Behind Me

  Benjamin A. Harper’s solo album, Get Thee Behind Me, gracefully settles in the space between past and present. Not like the iCloud illusiveness, more subtly floating from above. It’s been around long enough to know the modern struggles yet it echoes back '60s rock and Ray Davies’ pleasantries.   The songs were born free and undiluted, with no... Read More

“We’re In This Together”: Mark Claypool Interview with The East Nashvillian

“We’re In This Together”: Mark Claypool Interview with The East Nashvillian   Nashville entrepreneur, Mark Claypool, is the founder of Educational Services of America, a private organization leading the nation’s behavior therapy and alternative special education for children and young adults. Before Claypool daringly began ESA, he was a social worker,... Read More

Presenting The Features

Since releasing The Beginning EP in 2003, Nashville-based combo, The Features, have established themselves as one of the most exciting and imaginative bands working today. Their current release, The Features (Serpents and Snakes 2013) captures the band at its dynamic best. Recorded over a two-week period, the album delivers indie pop polish without sounding overproduced. The focus on... Read More

Welcome to Diarrhea Planet

When we were young, our parents always advised us that toilet humor wouldn’t get us anywhere. Well, mom and dad, meet Diarrhea Planet. The rock ‘n’ roll band composed of six dudes and four guitars is a Nashville-based goldmine. The grunge group met at Belmont University, but strayed far from the ordinary college band, landing countless music festivals and receiving... Read More

A Change is Gonna Come: Italia’s 10th Anniversary

Woodland Street’s favorite pizzeria, run by Salem Elkhatib, announces exciting new additions to their already beloved menu. Italia has been a foundation in East Nashville for a decade, slinging mouthwatering pizzas and pastas with fresh ingredients sans additives, preservatives, and other ‘weird’ chemicals. Now, Salem introduces vegan, gluten free, and whole-wheat pizza to the... Read More


Nashville-based, Motown-style pop group Magnolia Sons are likely to be one of your favorite bands this summer. Their retro style channels Sly & The Family Stone mixed with the love songs of The Supremes and a dash of New Orleans jest. Their music is both refreshing and iconic, paving an exciting direction for modern day Motown-style pop/soul music. Their recent single, “Stakes Are... Read More

The Prism of James Wallace & The Naked Light

James Wallace’s music wanders off somewhere far above the trees. It explores some other dimension,  collects all the space dust it can, then comes plummeting back down into the temporal to be shared. His music’s been to the future, where it designed UFOs just to mess with us, and it’s been to the past, dancing in the harmonies of a gospel choir. James Wallace & The... Read More

The Second Annual East Nashville Chicken Chase Takes Off

Come on down to The Pavilion East this Mother’s Day weekend for a community celebration of moms and, well, chickens! The 2nd Annual East Nashville Chicken Chase and Hot Hen Hoedown will take place Friday May 8 and Saturday May 9. Friday tickets benefit the Nashville Clean Water Project and Saturday’s events are free and open to the public. Inside the Pavilion's Greenway will... Read More

Relay for Life: Join Us May 2 in Cumberland Park

11am-11pm  Join us, Saturday May 2, in Cumberland Park for The American Cancer Association’s largest fundraising event Relay for Life. “Relay For Life is an event that includes everyone,” says Alexandra Alvarez, Community Manager at Nashville’s Relay for Life. The 12-hour fundraising event welcomes the community to celebrate people who have battled cancer, remember... Read More

Nashville Film Festival: “HOMELESS” Interview with Clay Riley Hassler

Nashville Film Festival: “HOMELESS” Interview with Clay Riley Hassler    We recently had the pleasure of talking with director and fellow East Nashvillian Clay Riley Hassler about his latest film “HOMELESS.” Hassler and his wife, Tif, beat the indie filmmaking odds with this successful drama. The crew shot the film in 25 days with a $12,000 budget... Read More

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