Maybe We’re Broken

But there’s a hopefulness in the music Los Colognes delivers

Jay Rutherford is not one to shy away from heavy philosophical musings, but he wraps them up in pitch-perfect, pop packaging that lures the listener into the fray. This is especially so on last year’s The Wave, the band’s third record to date. The understated, laid-back production on the latest offering from Los Colognes belies the combo’s heady live musicianship.

It’s an aptly named record for a band that, live, feels like it’s riding a wave. Swirling guitar work creates its own atmosphere, which sits atop the rock-solid foundation provided by drummer Aaron Mortenson. Never too much — always just right. These guys aren’t about flash-bang bling, but there’s always the sense that they could deliver on that as well if they wanted. Their music takes you by the hand and leads you to a place uniquely … Los Colognes.

Los Colognes plays The Basement East, 9 p.m., Friday, October 12

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