East Nashville News: Farmers Market moves, overlay success and more

East Nashville Farmers Market
We shared news earlier this week of some upcoming additions to East Nashville — namely a new Local Taco at 1100 Fatherland and a fresh artisan chocolate face, Chocolate F/X, at the Shoppes on Fatherland. Fun news indeed.
That was, of course, just a snippet of the happenings around the neighborhood this week. So here’s some more:

The 2014 Farmers Market moves, readies for relaunch

The East Nashville Farmers Market season is almost here: Official 2014 launch date is May 14, when local farmers and food-makers will once again set up shop to share their wares on Wednesdays.
Big changes for this year’s East Nashville Farmers Market — all of ‘em looking like positive ones.
First, a change in location: Markets will now be held at Shelby Park near the baseball diamond. The new digs means more space, which’ll mean more vendors, plus enjoying various park amenities (like restrooms). Then another little change that’ll likely elicit a thumbs-up from those of you who work late: They’ll be open just a little later this season, closing up at 7 rather than 6:30.
Keep an eye on the East Nashville Farmers Market website for updates on opening day festivities.

Eastwood Zoning Overlay moves forward

Good news for supporters of Eastwood Neighbors’ work toward a Conservation Zoning Overlay expansion (in part a response to the maligned “two-plops” that have plopped up around the neighborhood): Results from the third and final public hearing were positive.
Assuming the bill is approved by the Council and signed by Mayor Dean, the overlay expansion should go forward. More at the Eastwood Neighbors site

Say Hello to Bella Nashville Bakery

Bella Nashville
Bella Nashville Bakery has set an opening date for their new East Nashville space (1010 Fatherland): Expect to see those doors swing on Monday, April 7.
On the menu: breads in loaf and sandwich form and other artisan baked goods. You may recognize the Bella Nashville name from those delicious pizzas at the Nashville Farmers Market.

Say Hello To East Nashville Family Medicine

New health care and urgent care stop East Nashville Family Medicine has planned a proper hello to the neighborhood, with an Open House party set for Saturday, April 5 from 5 to 8 p.m. at their place, 801 Woodland St.
You can meet the staff, check out the work of five local artists, enjoy live music and refreshments and stuff. For more, visit the ENFM site

Stop By Fanny’s Vintage Clothing Sale

Fanny's Vintage Clothing Sale
Fanny’s House of Music’s regular Vintage Clothing Sales are invariably a good time, and invariably have a collection of choice men’s, women’s and kids’ stuff, broadening from clothing to jewelry, plus home goods and other bits and pieces.
Next one: Sunday, April 13 from 10 a.m. to 5 p.m., 1101 Holly St. Pop by, shop, maybe have a weenie at a place we're about to yap about below.

More TV love for I Dream Of Weenie

Feel like being shown on TV eating a hot dog? Well ain’t we got some great news for you: The Travel Channel is headed to I Dream of Weenie (113 S. 11th St.) on Tuesday, April 8 from 11:45 a.m. to 2 p.m. to tape “Food Paradise,” and you’re invited to pop by, grab a dog and try not to chew with your mouth open on national TV.
Specials on the menu that day include a Porter Road Butcher chorizo sausage with fresh avocado and a jicama-tomatillo slaw and a mac-n-cheese weenie with goat cheese, roasted peppers and caramelized onions. Chances of you getting on camera with all sortsa stuff smeared on your happy face: so good.
Congrats on the new bit of TV time, Weenie friends!

On a similar note: Pepperfire gets TV love too

Ya see Pepperfire on The Travel Channel’s “Chowdown Countdown”? Peep below to learn about how Pepperfire’s “poultry with a punch” can bring tears to your eyes and/or clear out your sinuses, and also how it’s delicious:
Congrats Pepperfire!

Multimedia eyes on East Nashville’s GYM5

GYM5 owner Adam Wright reached out with a couple of fun tidbits of news:
The East Nashville gym (at 952 Main St.) is among the latest East Side spots to be immortalized on TV’s "Nashville," in what we assume is a scene involving an extremely dramatic workout. Wright says he expects the stuff filmed at his space to air in the next couple of weeks.
Wright also earned a little love from national fitness magazine Club Solutions — he shares the story of leaving his traditional day job to open a business in East Nashville, and the “great community” he was met with here. Check it out

Red Arrow Gallery welcomes New Orleans artist

Shawn Hall
Riverside Village’s Red Arrow Gallery opened in March with an aim of shining a spotlight on and spreading the word about rising artists.
Their second exhibition, featuring the work of New Orleans artist Shawn Hall, opens this Saturday, April 5 (the image above is of Hall’s work). 
Stop by 1311 McGavock from 6 to 10 p.m. for opening night; the exhibition, Emanator, runs through May 3, and includes an April 19 meet and greet with the artist.

More Main St. development from Paro South

Paro South announced this week that they’ve acquired the building at 626 Main St., which means we can expect another prettified building along that stretch from the folks who did up Main Street Gallery and Center 615.
From that holler: “We have two 2500 sq. ft. restaurant/retail spaces available downstairs and a 5000 sq. ft. office space available upstairs. If you are interested in either space please email christian@parosouth.com.”

What’s happening to that house by Jeni’s?

Hat tipped to the talented folks at the Nashville Business Journal, who shared tidbits this week about March Egerton’s plans for the third Walden phase.
In the place of that historic home next to current Walden businesses like The Silly Goose and Ugly Mugs that got so much talk earlier this year, we should see a mix of retail and apartments.

Lousy Humans Rob Rhed Rholl Recordings

Bummer news from East Nashville’s Rhed Rholl Recordings: A lousy human (or team of lousy humans) apparently busted RRR’s Porter Rd. front window and ran off with all of their guitars and basses last weekend.
As a neighborhood stocked with many, many musicians, we can probably all agree that folks who rob touring and/or otherwise hustling music-makers are among the most criminal of garbages and should be sent to Pluto. If you’d like to share some love/support, visit Rhed Rholl on Facebook or snag a trinket or two on their Big Cartel page.

Fun and fitness from our friends at Yeast Nashville 

The gurus of East Nashville kolaches, Yeast Nashville, have organized an April Bike Brunch on Sunday, April 13, gist being exactly what you’d think: Meet for brunch at Yeast Nashville at 11 a.m., then head out for a noon ride through Shelby Park.
More info at the April Bike Brunch Event page
That's all for this week. As always, we'd love to hear any East Nashville news you have to share. Reach out!

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