Drink And Be Merry At The Music City Spirits And Cocktail Festival

From April 27-30, East Nashville will host the Music City Spirits And Cocktail Festival, a long weekend celebrating boutique spirits, craft mixers, innovative bar programs, and artisan bartenders.

The fourth iteration of the annual festival includes four events on consecutive days, each dedicated to a cocktail favorite. There’s the “Bourbon And Bluegrass” evening of classic and revamped Southern libations, “Polynesian Pop: A Tiki Extravaganza” with rum-based and island-inspired drinks, “Shaken And Stirred: A Mod Martini Party” celebrating a barroom staple, and the “Brain Freeze: A Frozen Cocktail Comeback!” blended party. There will also be an invitation-only tequila dinner before the festival and an exclusive after party.

“There really is something for everyone this year,” Jon Yeager, who founded the event along with his wife, Lindsay, said. “There’s just a lot of ground to cover with cocktails, through brands, history, current trends, etc. Jamming that all into one day would be difficult.”

The festival was originally inspired by similar events in cities like New Orleans. While the Music City version was one of the first, it’s a craze that has taken off.

“Lindsay and I felt this would be a really fun experiment, to see if we could pull it off,” Yeager said. “Now, years later, most major cities have some form of cocktail celebration, which focuses on their local cocktail community. We’re just excited and thankful that our contribution has been received as well as it has.”

Each event will be held at The Pavilion East, keeping the festival on the side of town where the Yeagers started it all.

“I think it’s important for Nashville as a whole to have this, we just prefer East,” Yeager said. “This is where Lindsay and I met, where we gained a lot of cocktail knowledge, this is the neighborhood we hang out in most.”

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