Chris Carpenter

A descendant of a Gospel singer and country music vocalist, Chris Carpenter is made of melody.  Hailing from Kentucky, Carpenter tailed his passion to the streets of East Nashville and quickly entered the homes, haunts and hearts of devout local admirers. 

Since his relocation six years ago Carpenter has a built a reputation as a consistent, hard-working act. Crediting Grammy nominated production team Crew 22 for shepherding his development, Carpenter’s songs are celebrated as dynamic, soulful and crisp.

Set to release his new album “Love and War” on August 4, Carpenter says, “This record is more serious than the last. The previous album was nostalgic whereas this is more grown-up, more conflict laden but still upbeat and hopeful.” Devoted to his neighborhood and the majesty of Nashville, Carpenter connected with Ford to create the music video for “Moonshine Baby,” a profound track off the album, which showcases various East Nashville streets, storefronts and the unrivaled Nashville skyline. Stream "Moonshine Baby" here.

Carpenter has teamed with Drifters BBQ on Thursday, July 30 to showcase the album from 6-7:30 p.m. Patrons can expect to enjoy delicious BBQ, beer and a “ready for the weekend” vibe.  Carpenter notes, “That is really my wheelhouse; mid-tempo rock songs that get you tapping your feet.  Fun, catchy and heartfelt.”

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